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Cooling Solutions – AC Installation and Repair Services


J. Chiera & Sons, LLC is an expert in air conditioning and cooling systems provider in the Capital District. We pride ourselves on providing reliable, efficient, high quality cooling solutions for every client, no matter what their needs.

We provide residential and commercial HVAC services to ensure that you’re comfortable in the environments that matter to you for many years to come. J. Chiera & Sons, LLC is experts in Residential/Commercial cooling systems of all makes and models.  We offer

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance 
  • Installation

Our clients know they can rely on us for all manner of HVAC services. As HVAC Specialists, we know everything there is to know about installing and operating this world-leading brand of cooling systems–meaning our clients are guaranteed the highest quality products and services every time.

Our specific service offerings include:

  • Central Air Conditioning 
  • System Coil Cleaning 
  • Drain Line Installation and Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Condenser
  • Air Handling Repair and Installation 
  • Zone Damper Repair and Installation 
  • Refrigeration Piping
  • Programmable Thermostat Installs and Repairs
  • Service Maintenance Programs
  • Rooftop Commercial Units
  • Remote Computerized Systems
  • Ductless Mini Split Multi-Zoning Installs and Repairs

It’s not just our expertise that sets us apart from other HVAC service providers. It’s our customer service. We’re proud to hold a five-star customer service rating, which gives our customers the peace of mind they deserve when trusting us with their cooling system. We treat every project with respect, care, and enthusiasm, and our specialists are on hand to answer any questions that arise.

Customer satisfaction is everything to us, and we never compromise on our values.

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